Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Discovery Channel's Sonic Sea

“Discovery Channel’s Sonic Sea Journeys Deep Into the Ocean Uncovering the Devastating Impact Man-Made Noise Has on Marine Life and What Can Be Done to Stop the Damage to These Creatures Who Are a Crucial Part of the Circle of Life”

"The award-winning film is narrated by Oscar-nominated actress Rachel McAdams. It features interviews with the Grammy award-winning musician and environmental activist Sting, as well as the renowned oceanographic explorers and educators Sylvia Earle and Jean-Michel Cousteau." - Eco Watch

– Discovery Impact Special Premieres May 19th 

Be sure to watch this innovative film! 

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Sonic Sea Trailer

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Balanced Man

by Spencer Munson

Summer is fast approaching but many men on the Jersey Shore are still feeling the effects of a long, cold winter. Lack of fun, sun and exercise may leave the body feeling tired and a little off balance. Fortunately for those on the East coast, there is an exciting and healthy way to get the mind and the body back to a regular balance. To find this balance, look no further than the Ocean and estuaries. Surfing and stand-up paddling boarding on the Jersey Shore have been quickly gaining popularity in recent years and for good reason. Surfing and “SUPing” not only help improve physical health, they can also offer great benefits for the mind!
For those guys focusing on getting back the summer body, surfing and paddling offer an enjoyable way to burn calories, improve cardiovascular health and build muscle. An hour of casual paddling can burn up to 430 calories while an hour of surfing can shave up to 200 calories. A surf or SUP session involves a high level of aerobic activity, which can reduce the chance of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks in men. Not only will men notice a change in their physical well-being, they will also see a change in their muscular build. Surfing and paddling work the back, shoulders, legs, and core, which drastically improves the body’s natural balance. What better way is there to get in shape all while playing around in the ocean?
Sure surfing and stand-up paddling are a fun way to find a healthy physical balance, but did you know they can also help balance the mind? Floating around in the sweet ocean air is a massive concentration of negative hydrogen ions, charged particles that are proven to increase the body’s ability to absorb oxygen. The negative ions also bring the body’s serotonin levels to a healthy equilibrium, thus reducing stress and anxiety, which ultimately leads to a better mood and improved sleep. The cool sea air isn’t the only natural element to thank for a healthy mind; the sun also plays a large role in making the mind happy. Exposure to natural light is known to increase endorphins in the brain; this increase leads to a greater pain tolerance and a drastically improved mood. One session out on the water may leave the body feeling a bit tired but it will certainly send the mind on a much needed vacation.
Surf shops are dotted all around the coast and there are plenty of qualified and friendly instructors available to help beginners get started or send novice’s on their way to the next level. The same can be said for Stand-up paddling boarding as the sport continues to grow faster and faster each year.

 On July 9th, Clean Ocean Action will be hosting the 2016 Shore Paddle which will include a 5.5 mile SUP race, a fun paddle for all levels and even a clinic to help beginners get started paddling. Go get out there this summer and find your balance on the water!

Friday, April 29, 2016

2015 Beach Sweeps Data Released

Cindy Zipf, COZ Executive Director
Ken Mosca, Public Affairs Manager for Atlantic City Electric
Catie Tobin, COA Marince Science Education Manager
Vince Maione, Atlantic City Electric Region President

COA released the 2015 Beach Sweeps Report highlighting the twelve most commonly collected items (“The Dirty Dozen”) along with the most outrageous finds (“The Roster of the Ridiculous”) and the breakdown of 332,033 pieces of marine debris collected by 6,375 volunteers last year.

The data creates a legacy of information that is used to fight for better anti-litter programs and educate people about the harms caused by marine debris to the economy and wildlife. The spring event coincides with Earth Month to provide citizens with an educational, hands-on, meaningful, rewarding activity to make a real difference.

In 2015, volunteers collected, tallied and removed over 332,003 pieces of debris from New Jersey’s shoreline during COA’s 30th Annual Beach Sweeps. The majority of the debris removed was disposable plastics. Plastic, including foam, represents 70.78% of the total waste found. The evidence is clear: disposable plastic items continue to litter beaches, threaten marine life, and impact water quality. Of the 260,624 plastic items collected, 70.6% were single use.

Water Quality threats Atlantic and Cape May Counties

Recently, COA was featured in the Press of Atlantic City for work done in South Jersey which focused on the Great Egg Harbor. COA has a long history of working to protect ocean and coastal resources in South Jersey. These efforts include an ongoing battle to stop the BL England generating facility from using a ‘once through cooling system’. This system kills millions of organisms a year and discharges heated wastewater back into the bay which causes a low oxygen environment that is harmful to life around the outfall.

Additionally, COA is working on numerous stormwater pollution issues which affect the bay. These pollutants affect the ability for people to safely recreate and shellfish in specific bay areas, especially after a rainstorm.

Photo courtesy of Press of AC Ben Fogletto
Finally, COA is working alongside several municipalities in the area to attain Blue Star certification. Blue Star acknowledges and rewards towns that perform specific environmentally beneficial actions that protect the coastal environment.

Keep an eye on the Press of Atlantic City for developing stories on the Great Egg Harbor, as well as a TV interview with COA Policy Attorney Zach Lees airing soon!