Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Social Butterflies

We are social people. 

We like you.  We like hanging out, we like going to events, surfing, attending public hearings and cleaning up beaches together.

We want to do it all more often!

To this end, the COA crew is working really hard at better utilizing our social media outlets, creating more ways for you to interact with us and finding new/fun ways for us all to get together, rally and protect the waters/shores!

How are we going to achieve this goal?  Read on, friends, read on!


This fun new blog will be worked on by the entire COA team.  Here you'll have a daily spot to catch up with us and see what we're doing.  You'll be able to learn more about our issues, science and law as well as events we have coming up and ways you can volunteer.  We will also be blogging about things happening on the "Hook" and organizations who are doing things we love.  Sign up to follow our blog--we promise, you want to hear what we're saying!

We apologize for being a little confusing on facebook.  With TWO places you can find our information, you're probably unclear where the MOST RECENT information can be found.  We're clearing that up, promise.  Going forward, the Clean Ocean Action Fan Page is the spot.  Make certain you "like" us to stay informed!

Go to facebook.com and search "Clean Ocean Action" in pages. 


There's been a good deal of internal debate about what you call someone who twitters.  A twit?  We aren't certain.  But one thing that is--we're doing it!  Follow us for daily tweets and updates!


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