Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We might be stalking you.

Yes, sometimes the COA staff are the wee-bit-o-creepers and stalk you.   (virtually that is)

We LOVE blogs.  Each and every one of us here at COA is connected 24/7 and committed to keeping abreast of things that impact our work--and that we generally think might be of interest to you.  Our bloggosphere reading list is diverse and ever-changing, but we thought we'd share what's on our feed right now, just in case you're interested.

In need of a fun blog that's going to satisfy your techie-needs but also leave you feeling good about your business on planet earth?  If so, this blog is your virtual pot-of-gold. 

Legalities can be confusing, right?  This blog does a good job of talking about the issues and pressing concerns regarding environmental law.

They've recently moved, but their commentary is as interesting as ever before. 

Green Living:
Looking for tips on greener living?  This blog touches on it sometimes.  More often though, the focus is on green buildings and sustainability--with some great discussion on what's happening in NYC.

We have a *tad bit of an obsession with finding eco-friendly gifts.  This blog always has some fun new finds on it. 

Surf's up:
Our friends at surfrider are fun.  They also have a lot of interesting things to say.  You can read all about their work and advocacy here.

Our blog-roll is ever changing, so we'll revisit this from time to time.  If you have a blog we should take not of, please email us-we are always open to suggestions!

Until next time, no need to call the police....we're only virtual stalkers.

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