Thursday, March 24, 2011

Global COAlition?

Just a few short months ago we sat around the office and mused that "it'd sure be fun to have a Clean Ocean Action blog."  We KNEW we were doing a lot in the office, so much so that our heads were spinning some days.  We also KNEW our COAlition was strong in the community--winning battles over LNG, raising awareness and setting records at our Beach Sweep. We thought more people would like more, real-time information about what was happening--but we weren't positive.

So, we came together, committed as a team to give it our best go and just see where it took us.

We never expected the flood of blog followers!

Today, just a shy of two months from the launch of our blog, we're getting over 1400 hits a month.  We have readers from across the globe--from Atlantic Highlands to Bulgaria, Germany, Indonesia, Russia, the UK and more!

Needless to say, we are in awe of the response and overjoyed to see that YOU check in with us so often.

Now, as we move forward with our blog, we want to check in with you--where are you reading from?  What's important to you?  Start the dialogue below by leaving a comment!

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