Wednesday, March 2, 2011

If you find my frisbee...

If you find my Frisbee floating in Sandy Hook Bay, please accept my apologies. I trust that it has already been picked up by a Beach Sweep volunteer, recorded as data and reported on in one of our Beach Sweeps Reports (somewhere between 2005 and present). Among the thousands of cigarette butts, shoes, plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic bottle rings, cans, cars, keys and more, there is one Frisbee for which I am undeniably responsible.

I would share blame with my dog, a shepherd/collie mix who loves the beach and bay but hates to swim, but blaming the dog seems petty and irresponsible. My goal here is to take responsibility for one of about a million pieces of a trash picked up in the last several years. 

It was her idea (well, my idea and her persistence) to go to the beach that day and to take our new Frisbee to the beach and throw it and throw it and throw it. Unfortunately, it was a little breezy and my first throw hooked far to the left and out into the Sandy Hook Bay.  A perfectly brand new Frisbee was gone before Olive had a chance to lay a tooth on it.  How embarrassing, both at the time for me to have to explain to the dog how there would be no more Frisbee throwing that day before we had even begun, and now for a Clean Ocean Action staffer to have to blog about polluting the bay.

What I am trying to say is that if you have accidentally left a piece of trash on the beach or near a waterway in the last several years, you have two options:
  1. Join us for the Beach Sweeps on April 30 or
  2. Make a significant donation to assuage your guilt. 

You can do either online at

COA Staffer (who will remain nameless)

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