Thursday, March 31, 2011

Read All About It---ONLINE!

We know you've heard this from us a few times, and we don't want to sound like a broken record--but we REALLY mean it when we say that we are working to improve our communications with you! 

If you're in the know, you are already well aware of the Clean Ocean Advocate--our monthly newsletter that updates you on the issues and events that Clean Ocean Action is working on in any given month.  The Ocean Advocate is published at the first of every month and until now, has been available via hard copy or pdf. 

We're connected--we know its hard to read a PDF on a blackberry though!  We feel your pain!

So, we've designed an e-newsletter to address this pesky problem--and ensure that you can have the same access to the vital information we're sending out from your home email, blackberry, iPhone or Android (or whatever fancy new phone you're using!). 

The e-newsletter is just one way we are committed to making good on our promise that our communications are clear, constant and user friendly.

Are you subscribed?  If not, you can sign up today, here.  It's free!

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