Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2010 Findings: Record Beach Debris Collected!

Today, trash made the front pages: from Monmouth Count to Atlanta!  That's right folks, trash.  And we are happy to share the responsibility with you!

Thanks to volunteers like yourselves, who flocked to the shores of New Jersey in unprecedented numbers last year, we were able to collect, and record 471,321 pieces of debris from the NJ beaches. 

That's almost 1/2 a million pieces of garbage! 

With the release of the 2010 Beach Sweep Report (available for download here), we were able to share with the world, what you learned during your sweeping adventures in 2010:  that the beaches are still littered, but that it's a solvable problem.  Through making changes in our daily lives to reduce the amount of litter we leave behind, to getting involved to pick up what falls through the cracks--we can all be the solution to ocean pollution. 

2010 marked the 25th Anniversary of Clean Ocean Action's Beach Sweeps, which celebrated a generation of citizen action against beach litter.  The Beach Sweeps have become New Jersey's largest environmental event with thousands of citizens, combing nearly all 127 miles of coastline, twice each year. 

2010 was great--but we believe 2011 is going to be an even bigger year--and so we're challenging you again, to show up and pick up in record numbers.  If you haven't already, you can register to participate in the Spring Beach Sweeps on Saturday, April 30th, 2011 by clicking here.

Who knows, next year, you might discover your finds in our "Roster of the Ridiculous!"

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