Monday, April 25, 2011

DC or Bust! Join COA at the Blue Vision Summit 3 in May!

From May 20th to May 23rd, at George Washington University in Washington, DC, ocean advocates, conservationists, and leaders from across the nation will come together to fight as one voice for the oceans.

At this summit, leaders, members, and activists from dozens of ocean protection programs (non-profits, agencies, and NGOs) will gather for panels and workshops that include these amazing topics:

The BP Oil Disaster and the Gulf’s Recovery

  • Healthy Oceans, resilient coasts, jobs and the economy
  • Establishing Ocean Wilderness Areas (Marine Protected Areas) and Hope Spots in the Sea
  • Advancing the issue of ocean acidification: beyond climate and energy policy reform
  • Offshore energy: yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • Oceans of Faith – Religious Leadership and the Ocean
  • Promoting Ocean & Coastal Restoration
  • Ocean Energy - Turning the tide for power & the environment
  • Seas of Plastic
  • National Ocean Policy
  • Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning – What’s in it for me?
  • Ocean Recreation and Conservation Alliances
  • Finding the Funding for Your Ocean Conservation Project
  • Endangered Water Systems – Infrastructure and Innovation
  • State of Ocean Funding in DC
  • Implementing Good Ocean Policy at the State Level
  • Cities and The Sea
  • The Future of Fish

In addition to these great programs (two of which Clean Ocean Action is organizing), the Summit will end with an all-hands-on-deck “Hill Day” where Summit-goers and ocean advocates that can make it to DC on Monday the 23rd of May will swarm throughout the Senate and House office buildings carrying a message of a clean ocean to elected officials from across the nation. 

Clean Ocean Action is the “regional coordinator” for this Hill Day’s visits to New Jersey and New York Elected Officials so if you’d like to join us in DC for the day and chat with your representatives and Senators on Ocean issues facing New York and New Jersey, please contact the COA offices.

With a Congress that is trying to open our Atlantic Ocean to oil and gas drilling, a dearth of funding for water system infrastructure improvements, and ocean pollution problems cropping up seemingly every day, it is very important that we head to DC to convince our representatives to take bold, significant action to save Big Blue.

For information on the Conference, click here
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