Saturday, May 14, 2011

Responding to President Obama's Call to Expedite Drilling Plans in the Atlantic Ocean

Responding to President Obama’s Call to Expedite Drilling Plans in the Atlantic Ocean
This morning, in his weekly radio address (you can watch it here), President Obama laid out his plan for reducing gas prices at the pump. The plan includes a call to expedite offshore pre-drilling activities in Mid-Atlantic Ocean as a solution to expensive gasoline. The Mid-Atlantic region begins just off Cape May, New Jersey, and due to the direction of the Gulf Stream, the New Jersey and New York region is directly in harms way of the impacts from activities.

"To suggest expediting drilling plans in the Mid Atlantic as a means to reduce prices at the pump is a sham. The President ignores federal documents and facts regarding oil supply and prices. His plan misleads Americans into believing that expediting drilling off our shores today will lead to savings at the pump tomorrow, which is simply not true."

"The facts are clear. According to federal energy analyses, immediately extracting all oil from the entire Atlantic Ocean would provide a possible 208 days of supply (based on 2009 U.S. oil consumption levels). The Obama Administration’s own studies prove that the savings at the pump from all offshore drilling will reduce prices at the pump by a tiny 3 cents…20 years from now.

"We’re not buying what President Obama is selling—it’s appalling and not grounded in fact. There are more effective and immediate steps to lowering gas prices such as conservation and reducing exports of domestic petroleum products."

"We who care about the environmental and economic future of this region will not stand by and be a victim to this Administration’s sham of a plan."

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