Friday, August 12, 2011

Got notice?

NJ Department of Environmental Protection launches a new email-alert system to get notified of any newly proposed rules, in real time!

If you’re like us here at Clean Ocean Action, you have more emails in your inbox every morning than grains of sand on a COA Beach Sweeps-cleaned beach (October 22nd, stay tuned!).

If you’d like to get a few more, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has a new feature that provides the internet-savvy public with extra-immediate access to newly proposed rules.  We’ve signed up here at COA and we promise that there are only a few actions on this list per week, so you don’t need to worry about being overloaded…

According to a NJDEP email blast about the new program:

NJDEP publishes between 15 and 25 proposals of rulemaking each year, but now you don't need to wait for the New Jersey Register, search through the newspaper Legal Notices, or go to the NJDEP website to look for them.  Instead, you can receive notice by email!

To sign up for this email list, head to: and enter your email address. 

While COA is happy that the NJDEP set up an innovative feature for disseminating information, COA and other environmental groups are working to ensure that email communication doesn’t become the sole media through which the DEP communicates issues to the interested public. 

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