Friday, February 10, 2012

Guest Blogger: Quincy Mumford

I remember the first time I ever heard about Clean Ocean Action. It was a few years back, and I just started my career as a local musician. Because I was new, I naturally looked up to the other great and well know bands in the Asbury Park area. My father told me that DeSol and P Dub Assassins were playing a benefit concert on the boardwalk in Asbury Park. I loved both of these bands and still do very much. Before I jumped in the car to go see the show, I asked my father what the event was for. He told me it was to raise money for an organization called Clean Ocean Action. I liked the sound of the name, but I wanted to find out more about this organization and see if there was anyway for me to get involved. We went to the show, both bands were amazing, and I picked up a bunch of information to see how I could get involved. 

                It turned out that my dad had been working with Clean Ocean Action for years, by donating a ton of food for their events (my father is a chef). Because my music is very beach inspired, and I grew up surfing and living only a mile from the beach, I felt like it made sense to be involved musically with COA. As my name grew a little bigger in the area, I contacted COA to play for one of their events. It was at a beach club in Sea Bright, NJ , where they were raising money for COA and raising awareness about the over use of plastics. Walking into the outside tent was mind blowing! They had plastic tops hanging from the tent as decorations, massive beach balls everywhere, and tons of amazing food. I remember eating so much I could not move! My band (Quincy Mumford and the Reason Why) played with another great local band that day, Random Test Reggae Band. We both got a great response, and I could see a promising relationship with COA. Since that day, my family has been a big supporter of COA, and I have turn on a lot of other people to COA because they deserve the support.

                When the band and I got the idea a few months ago to record a live album, it made sense to involve some organizations and put some money in their pockets. We came up with the idea to record a live album and DVD over the course of two days, we picked March 2nd and March 3rd, 2012. We planned for it to be three shows over two days, Friday night, Saturday night, and Saturday during the day for an all ages crowd. There are so many people that have been telling us that they love us even better live then our records. Well, we listened, and now we are putting on these three shows to please our fans! We felt like it would be a great idea to involve some organizations, Clean Ocean Action came to mind first. We gave them a call, along with Surfrider Foundation, and told them that we wanted to donate all of our ticket sales for these live shows to them! We got some great sponsors involved to cover the cost of production, so that all of the proceeds made from these shows, will go straight into Surfrider and COA’s pockets! 

                I have always been a big fan of Clean Ocean Action. Not just because they keep our beaches clean, or keep the plastic bags out of the ocean, or keep our ocean wild life healthy. I am a fan of COA because of their real “go get ‘em” attitude. They are always the first to come up with new ideas, and plans to keep the ocean the way it should be. Like their new plan to create the first ever “Clean Ocean Zone”. When we had a meeting about the show, they told me about the Clean Ocean Zone, and it blew my mind! COA is smart, active, and an effective organization. They are strong, with a great support from the community. I am proud to be connected with them, and I am stoked to have them on board for the recording of our live album. It is going to be a great event full of good vibes, good music, and all for a great cause. Get your ticket today at!


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