Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wreck Pond Rain Barrel Workshop and “Pointless” Pollution Seminar

Are you a resident of Spring Lake, Spring Lake Heights, Wall Township, or Sea Girt interested in improving the health of the Wreck Pond Watershed? Would you like learn what you can do to reduce stormwater and related pollution?  You can start by attending the Build-A-Barrel Workshop & Stormwater Pollution workshop! The workshop is to be held in the Community Room at the Wall Township Municipal Building on Wednesday, June 13th from 6PM to 8PM. The program is free to attend, but suggests a $20 donation to build and take home a rain barrel.

Rain barrels are designed to be connected to the downspout of your home’s gutter in order to decrease the volume of rainwater coming off of your property and into the Wreck Pond Watershed. You may also use the precipitation collected in your rain barrel to water plants in your home and garden, saving both water and money!

Experts from Rutgers, Clean Ocean Action, and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection will be presenting on problems and solutions in the Wreck Pond watershed, and will review things that you can do to help. The new fertilizer law and yard care will be discussed, as part of COA’s Pointless Pollution Seminar Series for Wreck Pond Watershed. We look forward to seeing you there!  

Also, check out NJDEP’s new Wreck Pond website.

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