Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Volunteers Still Needed for 2012 Project PORTS

American Littoral Society is still recruiting volunteers for this week's Project PORTS ( Promoting Oyster Restoration Through Schools) oyster restoration activities. For the 6th straight year, students throughout South Jersey made shell-filled mesh bags (oyster spat collectors) as part of Project PORTS: Rutgers Cousteau Center at Bridgeton and American Littoral Society's education and community-based oyster restoration program to help revitalize Delaware Bay oyster populations and the important fish habitat their reefs provide. The oyster is a keystone species in the bay: improving water quality and providing food, habitat and refuge to countless organisms.

The shell bags serve as a settlement surface for young oysters (spat) when the bay's oyster population spawns this summer. In August, the spat-on-shell will be transplanted to restoration and fishery sites in the upper bay.

American Littoral Society has 2 separate tasks for which they'll need volunteers:

1) Loading a barge with shell bags (Thursday, June 21st 10-12 PM Port Norris, NJ) 

2) Arranging the bags on the sand flats during low tide (Saturday, June 23rd 4-6 PM Green Creek, NJ) 

If you can help on any or all of these days, please contact Jessica Daher at 856-825-2174 or jessica@littoralsociety.org.

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