Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Highlights from Tour for the Shore Day 3 Paddle

Revisiting perfect storm day: Highlights of Sunday's paddle

Sudden gale, fast paddle, felt like I was in a ridge walk in the White Mountains of NH, rain hitting the water with such force it created a low mist-the grey swells and mist looked like the mountains you see in the distance when hiking the Presidential Range in the White Mountains National Forest. Utterly beautiful. While lost in the beauty and talking to Cindy on the phone, two dolphins leaped out of the water close to me, followed by a whole pod behind me. Their presence made me cry-out in this storm with me. It was if they were checking up on me.

Couldn't believe Cindy was out in the weather with an umbrella in the jetty- lucky for me the tide was ripping in, she waved and I was off. Then a figure appears off in the distance, cloaked in rain and storm gloom-it was Tom Forkin of the AC Surf Club. Can't believe he would come out and volunteer to be my lightening rod like that! That I was thrilled to see him was an understatement. It's fun to be out in conditions like that with others! Can't thank him enough for paddling out and for the best shower in the world back at his place. The evening was topped off with family, friends, and the amazing, amazing COA crew at Scales-where we chowed down on the best wings, pasta, and MOJITOS!! OMG-that place is the mojito capital of the Jersey Shore.

The cherry on top of the evening was meeting up with Dean Randazzo-pro-surfer, comeback kid, just plain awesome human being. He heads up the Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation which not only provides money for research, but also provides financial help for the harsh realities of meeting bills while struggling with this horrible and costly disease. Dean's moved back to AC and is opening up a surf school there. He and Tom Forkin have a kick-a little surf shop right there in Gardner's Basin, which, btw, is one of my favorite spots in AC. Carl told me he asked if this was the first year of this event... Hmmm...we'll hafta talk to Cindy about that!!

Yesterday I was joined by Chris Hutch of the Alliance for a Living Ocean. I could see the amazing crowd he and Cindy and the folks at ALO lined up.

Sitting here eating the best granola that our host Janine Karoly made, every bit as amazing as the pancakes my friend Barb made for Cindy and me yesterday. There is no starving on this trip, for sure!!!

For the ocean!!


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