Tuesday, September 4, 2012

NJ Sea Level Rise Symposium

Hartshorne Drive, Sandy Hook during last October's
King Tide, which is a preview of what average high tide
levels may likely be by 2030-2050.
Please join us for a “Symposium on Sea Level Rise in New Jersey: Causes, Effects and a Call to Action” hosted by the Monmouth County Cool Cities Partnership in cooperation with the Monmouth County Environmental Council, Brookdale Community College, American Littoral Society, Clean Ocean Action and New Jersey Environmental Federation. It is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 29, at Brookdale Community College in Middletown.

Climate experts will present on sea level rise in New Jersey, as well as its causes and the urgent need for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Scientists cite the increasingly levels of these gases from human activities in the atmosphere, as the cause of the rising and warming seas, increased storm surges, and more frequent flooding. The symposium will provide resources and discuss what communities can do to reduce the impact of rising seas and to protect our coast. Presentations and discussion include:

  • Impacts of Sea-level Rise (SLR) in Coastal Monmouth County - Prof. Norbert Psuty, Rutgers University 
  • Causes of SLR & Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction -Prof. Patrick Hossay, Stockton College 
  • Community Adaptations to SLR - Prof. Jon Miller, Stevens Institute 
  • Mitigating SLR through Conservation of Estuarine Habitat - William Shadel, American Littoral Society 
  • Interactive Online SLR & Flooding Mapping Website - Lisa Auermuller, Jacques Cousteau NERR 
  • Introduction to Sustainable Jersey’s Climate Adaptation Point-scoring Actions and Resources for Communities -Randall Solomon, Co-director, Sustainable Jersey 
  • A Taped Interview with Congressman Rush Holt 
  • Take Action for Weathering Change” Statement & Funding Sources - MCCCP
Registration is required by September 15. The cost is $15 which includes lunch. To register and for more information, click here.

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