Wednesday, October 24, 2012

School Garden Grants: Plant a Garden, Help Save the Ocean!

School Garden Grants
Deadline: November 15

The video above highlights the success of  Enright Park Community Garden

The School Garden Grant Program is a collaboration between Whole KidsFoundation and FoodCorps. A school garden is a vital educational tool - every seed planted sprouts a new opportunity for kids to cultivate healthy eating habits! Teaching kids to garden helps them learn about complex topics like sustainability and conservation, food systems, and community awareness.

To be eligible for the $2,000 (US$) School Garden Grant, an applicant must be a nonprofit K-12 school (public, private or charter - elementary, middle, or secondary) and/or a 501(c)(3) organization that is developing or currently maintaining a garden project on school grounds that will engage children with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Garden projects may be at any stage of development (planning, construction or operation). In selecting grant recipients, priority will be given to both limited-resource communities and to projects that demonstrate strong buy-in from stakeholders, as well as demonstrating ability to financially sustain the garden.

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Clean Ocean Action supports garden projects, not only because they can help teach children about healthy living and where their food comes from, but because they help protect the ocean.  Gardens help absorb rainwater and reduce the runoff nonpoint source pollution into waterways that lead into the ocean.

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