Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Volunteer More, Worry Less

Waves of Action – January 19th, 2013
First Hand Volunteer Accounts

“I volunteered today at Ideal Beach and wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to help out.  I was looking for some way to help restore our beaches after the storm and was very happy to be able to take part in today's Wave of Action.  I am looking forward to be able to volunteer in future projects like this and will be checking your website for the next Wave of Action day!”
Sandi Firtion

“Eager to be a part of something inspirational, my best friend and I grabbed our warm gloves and work boots and piled into our car at 7:30 am for our drive from Ct to Jones Beach NY. When we got there we were greeted by dozens of other volunteers, all of them excited to be spending their day making a difference. We were all reminded of the full gravity of the weekend's meaning; the presidential inauguration, National Service Day, Martin Luther King Day. It is a very satisfying thought that all of us have the ability to commit small acts that make a difference to the communities that we visit, value, and call home. It was a cold day with extremely strong winds which swept sand swirling and dancing into the air. Pulling our hoods up and keeping our heads down we advanced on the beach and began to see immediately the small plastic hazards that litter the beautiful landscape and threaten the local wildlife. We filled our bags with discarded beach toys, plastics, bubble wrap, ropes and so on. Watching more and more people expand across the beach in a joint effort to give it a January facelift made our trip very well worth it. On our drive home we recounted the dunes and grasses that acted as natural filters collecting the bulk of the litter, contemplated the animals that inhabited the land and called it home, and discussed the locals and visitors that treasure the beach and other such local parks. Places like Jones Beach can mean a lot to the people who know it, and it will now forever hold it's own place in my heart and memory.  Thank you again for such a fantastic opportunity and all the wonderful opportunities still to come in 2013.”
Julia Miller
Naugatuck, CT

"Our meteorology club loved volunteering for Sandy relief at Midway Beach, NJ. With one of our club members having a house in Midway, as well as myself going down to Seaside Park every summer, it meant a lot to help out. For many, this was the first time we were in the area, since Sandy. The COA crew was very helpful and friendly. We appreciated the BBQ that was given to us over on 11th lane afterwards too! We hope to continue provided service to the Jersey Shore in the months ahead as we restore the shore."
Joe Martucci

"Many thanks for organizing the ForTheShore volunteer projects.  Clean Ocean Action is to be highly praised for the work you do every year and most significantly now to help New Jersey recover from Superstorm Sandy.  I have participated in the New Jersey Beach Sweeps twice a year for many years and I was pleased to learn you were organizing clean-ups after Sandy.  You do such a fine job on the Beach Sweeps so I never hesitated to sign up, even at this time of the year, to assist with the January 19th Wave of Action.  I volunteered for Cattus Island County Park and got up really early on a cold Saturday morning to make the hour or so drive to Toms River.  I joined the other volunteers and we reported to the registration desk at 8:30 AM and waited for our assignment.  It was a cold and windy wait.  Individuals.  Parents and children - some of them only a few years out of a stroller.  Girl scouts.  Students.  Everyone came out to help.  Made ME feel good!  And I have this feeling that many of us will be back in February to continue the task of helping our neighbors at the Shore.  After all, we're from New Jersey!"
Michael A. Hyduk
East Windsor, NJ

"We, along with 100+ awesome volunteers, worked on cleaning up the trails at Cattus Island Park. The trails around the bay were littered with debris from the barrier island destruction and the boardwalk along the trail needed to be reassembled just so we could get a wheelbarrow through. We assembled teams and some worked on breaking down the large items (like a side of a house) others walked things halfway to the main drive and another team walked the debris up the second half to load the truck. It was an amazing day and we are thankful to be able to do this!"
-Megan & Mathew Tice
Hamilton, NJ

"The weather for the Bradley Beach cleanup couldn't have been better for January, and it was good to get outside.  I'm very glad that Clean Ocean Action is coordinating these volunteer efforts, and I'm happy to work to help the Shore recover from Sandy.  I'm informing my friends about the next Wave of Action, and hoping that they participate.  I'm looking forward to the next one!"
-Rebecca Marzec

"My husband and I worked at Seaside Heights cleaning up debris. We enjoyed the young men from Americorps and their dedication. We enjoy helping out however we can as we were very fortunate and did not even loose power."
-Nancy E Giuliano

"My 12 year-old son, Jack Faccone-Stockwell, and I volunteered at Maple Cove at the site in Red Bank, NJ.  Here are a couple of photos of Jack the organizers asked me to take.  It was a great experience for both of us!"
-Alitia Faccone

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