Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What Debris is in Your Local Waterway?

Here is a very helpful update from DEP and DOT on Waterway Debris Removal:

Debris in marsh areas in Brick, NJ

  • The State of New Jersey has awarded three contracts to companies who will remove Sandy-related, FEMA-eligible debris from waters of the State  in the 11 Debris Management Zones.  The duration of the contract is one year.  The goal of this cleanup effort is to be 75% complete by June 1st  but cleanup will likely continue throughout the boating season and into the Fall.
  • The areas where debris has been identified was  determined by reconnaissance conducted by State personnel as well as reports from FEMA, municipalities, counties and residents.  Additional reconnaissance will be conducted by the contractors to further identify debris and sand deposits. 
  • The areas where the contractors will be operating are within the waters of the State of New Jersey.  This includes (without limitation): bays, tidal rivers,  and those tidal waterways affected by the storm surge.  As part of the cleanup effort, debris monitors will be assigned to  each debris removal contractor.  In addition, a project manager will be identified for the entire project.  The project manager will be responsible for scheduling, invoicing, data management, oversight of the contractors, etc. 
  • The materials that will be removed through this effort must be FEMA eligible.  The best source of information on FEMA eligibility is this FEMA guidance document.
  • In addition to the contractors that have been hired, the State Department of Transportation is surveying State navigation channels.  This activity has already begun.  NJDOT will be using side scan sonar to identify debris areas including new shoals.

How You Can Help

Your help in this effort is needed.  If you know of areas where waterway debris is located, please send a photograph of the site along with latitude and longitude or your best location information (e.g., closest intersection) so we can direct our contractors to the site.  Please send these photos to communications@cleanoceanaction.org.  Also if you are aware of any debris washing into the OCEAN during the storm, including cars, boats, structural debris, trees, household contents, as well as items washing up onto beaches, please let us know. 

For additional information on Waterway Debris removal click here.

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