Monday, May 6, 2013


Sign the Petition telling the White House to reject seismic airgun
surveys for oil and gas drilling in the Atlantic Ocean! 

Photo Credit: NOAA

Friends of Marine Life: Immediate Action is needed to keep the ocean wild and industry free! The federal government is considering allowing "seismic surveys" in the Atlantic Ocean - airgun blasts designed to pinpoint offshore oil and gas deposits deep in the seafloor.  From death to deafness, these shockwaves threaten fish and fisheries, whales and dolphins, and the entire marine ecosystem.
Ted Danson, ocean advocate and actor, recently said it best in a blog post calling for a nation-wide voice in opposition to this proposal:
"In the ocean you find a symphony of sound, from the clicking of snapping shrimp to the long mournful wails of whales, and zips of dolphins. Now imagine this oceanic soundscape shattered by dynamite-like blasts, every 10 seconds for days and even weeks on end. Blasts so loud they can literally deafen marine mammals that need to listen to live, possibly injuring or killing these animals by the tens of thousands. This grisly scenario may soon become a reality in an area of the Atlantic Ocean twice the size of California, where the Department of the Interior is currently reviewing a proposal to test the seafloor with seismic airguns, all in the speculative pursuit of more offshore oil and gas."
Recently, a cohort of Congressmen and Senators urged President Obama to reject these surveys and protect the Atlantic Ocean from oil and gas activities. Read more here.
Please Act Now Take These Two Steps: 
Step One: Sound the alarm! Share this with your family, neighbors, and communities; every voice counts.  Ramp up the volume for the ocean! See how many signatures you can get. Send to 10, 20, 30, or more of your friends.  

Step Two: Join One Hundred Thousand of your fellow ocean heroes by signing this petition, urging the President to protect the mammals, fish, ecologies, and economies of the Atlantic Ocean:

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