Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Boston University Bound Student Joins the COAlition

Gianna Fischer- Middletown High School South- Class of 2013

In just a few short weeks as a summer intern at Clean Ocean Action, I have learned so much about some of the most pressing environmental issues that we face on the East Coast. As a high school student, I attended the Marine Academy of Science and Technology for two years, and Middletown High School South for the remaining two years. It was at M.A.S.T. that I discovered my passion for marine science, and since then I have decided to pursue a degree in Communications and Business with a minor in Environmental Studies as a college student at Boston University next year.

It is a dream for me to be able to combine two things I am extremely passionate about: my love for communications and my love for the environment. I believe that many of the world’s problems stem from lack of communication or miscommunication. I think that one of the main issues that should be addressed is lack of knowledge about everyday environmental issues. How can people be expected to put an end to pressing issues, such as ocean pollution, if they do not know how it starts or what the best way to handle it is?

After I graduate college, I hope to become a Public Relations manager. What I mostly look forward to is being able to communicate my knowledge of the environment with some of my clients, with the intention of spreading the word on environmental issues and steps that can be taken to eventually put an end to pollution and other areas of environmental concern.

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