Friday, June 14, 2013

Life-long Environmentalist Continues Her Involvement with COA

Chelsea Dow - Pace University Class of 2014 - Coastal Environment Intern

I have always had an undeniable love for the environment since I was a kid. My parents taught me from an early age to respect the Earth and love all of its inhabitants. I grew up getting dirty in the mud and spending countless days on the Jersey shore beaches. I continued that passion through high school, volunteering with Clean Ocean Action and becoming a Student Ocean Advocate. I learned how important the coastal environment is to the world’s existence, and how quickly our beloved ocean’s future is in jeopardy. All environmental issues are important to me, but water seems to be a constant in my life, since the Atlantic Ocean helped raise me.

 I am now going into my senior year at Pace University in New York City with a major in environmental studies and a minor in peace and justice. Since being at Pace University, I have had the amazing opportunity to take advocacy to a whole new level. I wrote many papers on the Occupy Wall Street movement and participated in some of their environmentally focused rallies. Living in New York City has opened my eyes to numerous environmental issues, as well as the immense amount of people who truly strive for sustainability.

My last semester at school was spent abroad backpacking in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The program focused on community sustainability.  Through my travels, I learned an immense amount about the environment and how I can contribute to helping the natural world. Coming home from being abroad I had a fiery passion to continue learning about the environment, and also look for ways to help my community. Clean Ocean Action was the perfect fit, and since being here for close to two months I have learned a lifetime of information on policy, environmentalism, and advocacy! If you would like to reach me for more information my email is

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