Monday, December 30, 2013

Go Green in 2014!

By: Catie Tobin, Ocean Advocacy and Education Fellow

This season, Clean Ocean Action is offering tips about how to green your holiday. Here is the eleventh of twelve in COA's 12 Days of Green Giving' series.

This New Year’s, why not consider greening both your New Year’s Eve plans and your resolution?

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Throw an environmentally friendly celebration this New Year’s Eve!

Hosting your own party, instead of going out will save you on the carbon emissions (and money) of transportation.  Encourage your guests to carpool to your home and nominate (or volunteer) a designated driver for the evening.  Emailing invitations and using LED lights for decorations are great green party ideas for this holiday season.

Ring in the New Year with some green drinks too! Whether it is with eco-friendly cocktails, such as organic vodka (i.e. Square One Vodka or Modmix), juice from a local orchard, beer from a local brewery, or water from a Britta Filter infused with seasonal fruit, there is a perfect drink for your guests.

Greening Your New Year’s Resolution

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The turn of the New Year marks a blank canvas; a time in which someone can make positive changes to their current lifestyle. Common ‘green’ resolutions include losing a few pounds by walking instead of driving, carpooling to events, or riding your bike to the supermarket. Identifying greener resolutions is the easy part, but successfully following through on those resolutions requires true dedication.

What do you need to successfully follow through on your resolution? Drive. Desire. Creativity. Support. So why don’t you support your friends and family this holiday season by providing them the tools to stick with their greener New Year’s resolutions?

Sites such as Groupon offer great opportunities to give the gift that supports greener resolutions. Whether it’s an admission ticket to a national park, eco-friendly adventures like camping or rock climbing, Groupon offers great deals that can be customized to the person you are going green with.

If a resolution involves reducing, reusing and recycling, especially with your holiday d├ęcor, then Pinterest is the site for you! Whether you want to create eco-friendly personalized gifts for your friends and family, or learn fun and different ways to recycle items in your own home, Pinterest is a great tool for all you Do It Yourself-ers. 

At Clean Ocean Action, we encourage all of you to think of 2014 as an opportunity to become a better steward to our ocean and to the planet.  Consider greening your New Year’s plans and making simple changes throughout the year to reduce your carbon footprint.  Small changes can add up in a big way!

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