Thursday, April 30, 2015

Beauty in Protecting Clean Water

This past April over 45 Aveda salons, spas, retail centers, and institutes helped to raise money and awareness for clean water. COA would like to thank everyone who helped make this possible, who attended an event such as a Cut-A-Thon or Walk-For-Water, and those who volunteered their time to make this the best Earth Month yet!

On March 25th, salons from the tri-state area created works of art at the “Catwalk- For- Water” in New York City. This “trashion-show” event allowed students and stylists to get creative and design a runway style outfit out of all recycled goods. Some of the winners included a dress made of all recycled wires and electronics, another was constructed out of onion bags, while others used plastic bags, packaging materials, leaves, and everyday items such as straws and metrocards. A special thanks to all who helped create these beautiful designs and hairstyles.  

In addition to highlighting fashion, beauty, and Aveda’s all natural plant based products, the company’s mission also focuses on education. On Earth Day, supporters gathered at Purpose’s headquarters in NYC for a panel on sustainability with light food and wine provided by Vin12. Joao Talocchi, of Purpose, kicked off the night with a strong focus on water scarcity and climate change. Christina Farrar, District Manager for Aveda, educated the guests on how they can help with these water issues globally and locally through their Earth Month mission. To highlight the local level and how we are all impacted, Cindy Zipf tied in current ocean issues and ways to get involved. The threats of climate change and water aren’t only ocean related, but also impact marine life and mammals. One endangered species is the snow leopard, which resides in the snow covered mountaintops and whose home may be lost due to climate change, hunters, and the nomads in these regions. Charlie Whitfield of Snow Leopard vodka informed guests on these issues and how they make a difference through their vodka brand and trusts. To tie all these unique and important issues together, Debera Johnson, of Pratt Institute, spoke on behalf of how to live a sustainable life and make less of an impact on the environment. Everyday we can make a difference for clean and available water by watching our consumption, re-using water, and educating those around us to do the same. For more ways to lessen your impact, please visit our website. 

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