Thursday, April 16, 2015

Make a BIG Splash for a Small Problem!

Help Fund COA’s Microplastic Study

Only two weeks left to help COA receive a grant from the Ocean First Foundation! COA is currently participating in a “Charity Challenge” on Crowdrise with over 60 other organization who are competing for a $15,000 grant. Show your support for our organization by making a donation of any size. Every penny raised on our page will be directed toward COA’s independent research study on microplastics.

As you may know, our staff has been working with NOAA and undergoing the largest independent study on microplastics. So far, we have documented their presence from samples of our coastal waterways and beaches. This study is not currently funded by any grant and needs your support to continue our research and analysis of the samples. Please make a contribution on our Crowdrise page, also found on our website homepage, or call the office for more information.

What can you do about microplastics?

There are two sources of microplastics: 
1) The breakdown of larger pieces and
2) manufactured products.

By reducing the amount of plastic you use you reduce the amount of plastic in the environment, which if not recycled can end-up in the environment and break down into microplastics. 

Be a conscious consumer by purchasing tooth paste and facial or body scrub that is free of microbeads. These beads do not get filtered through wastewater systems and aend-up in our waterways.

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