Wednesday, April 22, 2015

On Earth Day 5 Years Ago Governor Christie Pledged to Oppose Any LNG Application off the Coast

On April 22, 2010 Governor Christie made an Earth Day pledge:

‘For as long as I am governor, this administration will oppose any application for liquefied natural gas.’ The Governor also expressed his opposition to ‘any kind of offshore drilling.’

 Governor Christie’s 2010 Earth Day pledge was an important pledge for protecting our Ocean and coast from industrialization. The Governor kept his 2010 Earth Day promise by vetoing the then proposed Liberty Natural Gas LNG facility in 2011, stopping the project. We applaud Governor Christie for his firm stance on opposing LNG and any kind of offshore drilling. Since the project is back again, now known as Port Ambrose, we still need the Governor to stand firm against LNG.

On Earth Day we recall and salute the strong vow Governor Christie made to defend our coast from LNG and oil and gas drilling.  As we fight back against Port Ambrose we know we have Governor Christie’s vow to veto any application to ensure the project is dead in the water.

Here is more on Governor Christie's 2010 Earth Day Pledge:

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