Thursday, August 20, 2015

Beach Day Shouldn't Turn Into a Sick Day

So far this summer, there have been a reported 62 “beach incidents” involving beach closures and/or contamination advisories due to poor water quality of popular beach areas. In order to combat this issue, Clean Ocean Action joined Senator Menendez and Congressman Pallone in announcing the re-authorization and strengthening of the BEACH Act (Beaches Environmental Assessment and Coastal Health Act).  The law is now over 15 years old and needs to be updated, strengthened, and funded.  US Senator Bob Menendez and Representative Frank Pallone are introducing bi-partisan legislation that will strengthen national water quality standards, require rapid testing methods to be used, and provide states with grants to test water quality, and public notifications when conditions are not safe. Importantly, COA is urging that the law require testing after rainstorms due to the significant pollution in runoff. Whether swimming or recreating on the water, it should not be swim at your own risk. Everyone should be informed about the water quality for their own health and safety. A beach day should not have to turn into a sick day! You can find information on NJ water quality at Clean Ocean Action checks this site daily, sharing closures and advisories on social media. 

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