Friday, October 16, 2015

Dangerous Offshore Project is Back - Battle Begins!

The time is now !!! This is our final chance to Stop Port Ambrose - a dangerous, harmful, and unnecessary offshore industrial project!

After months of delay, the Port Ambrose LNG import facility is back and the battle is on! This project is dangerous for our marine ecosystem, economy, and security.

You can help save our ocean, quality of life, and peace of mind by contacting Governor Christie today and attending a public hearing on November 4th and 5th  in NJ.

11.   Urge Governor Christie to use his pen to Veto Port Ambrose!  

Governor Christie has said multiple times that his position has not changed.  Beginning on November 4th Governor Christie can, with a swipe of the pen, stop the project.  Use the easy "how to” below to contact Governor Christie.

2 2. Please attend these final public hearings!  

Monday, November 2nd & Tuesday, November 3rd - Long Beach Hotel Long Beach
Open house: 4:30 - 5:30 PM Hearing 6 PM- 10 PM

Wednesday, November 4th & Thursday, November 5th - Sheraton in Eatontown
Open house: 4:30 - 5:30 PM Hearing: 6PM to 10PM

Back in January we had over 1,000 people attend hearings against Port Ambrose and we need even more for the final battle! They have doubled the days -- let's double the number of citizens!

Ways to contact Governor Christie:

Call the Governor: 609-292-6000

Sample Phone Message:

Hi, my name is ___________. I am a voter/student/resident from __________ and I am calling to urge Governor Christie to veto the Port Ambrose liquefied natural gas project.

In 2010 Governor Christie promised as long as he is Governor he would veto any LNG application off our coast. I urge Governor Christie to keep his word and veto Port Ambrose.

This project is bad for New Jersey, harmful to the marine environment and threatens our safety.  Governor Christie must put an end to this project once and for all by vetoing Port Ambrose. Thank you.

Sample Email Message:

Dear Governor Christie,

Back in 2010 you strongly stated that you would oppose any application for any type of liquefied natural gas project off our coast. I urge you to keep your promise and veto the proposed Port Ambrose LNG facility.

The national and regional safety issues, environmental and economic concerns that prompted your first veto are the same concerns for Port Ambrose. This project is bad for New Jersey, bad for the marine environment and bad for the future of our planet. Please put an end to this project once and for all.

Veto Port Ambrose! Thank you.
Your Name

For more information please call 732-872-0111 or email

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