Monday, November 16, 2015

Liberty for the Ocean!

Victory! Governor Cuomo vetoed the proposed Port Ambrose liquefied natural gas facility! His quick decision, a week after the final public hearings, showed that this project was dangerous and unnecessary!

Waves of thanks to you and to the thousands of citizens and over 150 organizations who fought side by side for over seven years to stop LNG off our coast. This battle was won through the dedication and determination from concerned citizens and a strong bi-state coalition we helped to create. The grassroots activism, hours of research, and public pressure helped keep our ocean wild and LNG free.

5 year old Gavin
We will continue to monitor this issue to make sure the Maritime Administration rejects this project as quickly as possible. Even though Governor Cuomo’s veto has stopped the proposal, it is critically important that Governor Christie affirm his vow to veto Port Ambrose, making this a bi-state and bipartisan victory, as well as a warning to fossil fuel companies to stay away from our coast.

Liberty at last - Port Ambrose is officially dead in the water! We will continue to work tirelessly against any fossil fuel infrastructure off the New York and New Jersey coast.

NY Rally
9 year old Ariya

NJ Press Conference
 For more information including Governor Cuomo’s veto letter please visit

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