Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Year of Wavemaking Ocean Memories

As a friend of the ocean, you cherish your time at the beach. Whether it’s feeling the sand between your toes while taking a stroll along the water’s edge, the hopeful rush casting a line into the water, or the joy of building sandcastles with kids, the shore is a unique and special place.

You also understand your important role in giving back to the ocean by helping to protect our coasts and marine life year-round. By supporting Clean Ocean Action (COA), you not only give back, but you also pay-it-forward by protecting the ocean’s health and enjoyment for future generations.

Thanks to your support, below are COA’s 2015 Top Five Ocean Memories and success stories highlighting our work:

5. The first 18-Mile swim by Patricia Sener, across the ocean between New York and New Jersey in support of the Clean Ocean Zone.

4. COA developed and recommended solutions to the long-overdue dredging of the Shark River channels.

3. The statewide Beach Sweeps celebrated 30 years of citizen action! In recognition, COA held the successful Debris Free Sea Conference and teamed-up with Bloomberg LP to analyze 25 years of citizen science data.

COA also launched the nation's largest statewide assessment of microplastics on beaches and in coastal waters.

2. Nationally, COA helped draft important federal legislation, including the BEACH Act, to improve protection for ocean swimmers.

1. Together, we defeated Port Ambrose, ending a seven year battle against LNG! Your voices were heard and on November 12th, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo vetoed the risky and unjust Liberty Natural Gas proposal.

Thanks to you, these are just a few highlights from a truly remarkable year of success! However, 2016 brings new threats, such as disturbing water quality issues, harmful marine debris and plastic pollution, climate change, and more.

With your support, we can continue to keep the ocean wild and free, marine life thriving, and the beaches safe for today and for future generations.Please consider a generous end-of-the-year donation celebrating our recentsuccesses and help launch us into the year ahead.

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