Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Galloway Township Achieves Blue Star Scores Big and Sets Record for Water Quality

On January 19th, COA awarded Galloway Township, NJ with their Municipal Blue Star Certificate at a ceremony at Town Hall to recognize their efforts to improve water quality. Galloway Township sets a record for achieving the highest score and joins fellow Blue Star Municipalities, Wall Township and Long Beach Township. Since the program was launched in September of 2014, three towns have been awarded the certificate and COA has engaged with over 20 towns to obtain Blue Star Certification.

The Municipal Blue Star program combines the visionary Sustainable Jersey Program with Clean Ocean Action’s focus on water quality protection. The Program encourages communities to promote healthy waters, resilient communities, and environmentally sound practices. To achieve Blue Star Award status, a municipality must target “Blue Star” actions for 50% of their total Sustainable Jersey points.

Galloway Township exceeded the necessary 150 points needed to attain certification by completing 234 points. Examples of the actions that they completed include water conservation education program, i-Tree assessment of municipal trees, and reusable bag education program. In addition to Sustainable Jersey projects, towns are required to choose one of Clean Ocean Action additional actions which are, climate adaption for flooding risk, innovative water quality project, model storm water control ordinance for municipalities, plastic bag fee or ban, or storm water utility support resolution. Galloway Township passed a Stormwater Utility Support Resolution on October 13, 2015.  

Galloway Township has been a pioneer in their region for sustainability work and planning for resilience and it is influencing success in their neighboring towns which ultimately is in the best interest of the watershed and estuary. 

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