Friday, April 29, 2016

Water Quality threats Atlantic and Cape May Counties

Recently, COA was featured in the Press of Atlantic City for work done in South Jersey which focused on the Great Egg Harbor. COA has a long history of working to protect ocean and coastal resources in South Jersey. These efforts include an ongoing battle to stop the BL England generating facility from using a ‘once through cooling system’. This system kills millions of organisms a year and discharges heated wastewater back into the bay which causes a low oxygen environment that is harmful to life around the outfall.

Additionally, COA is working on numerous stormwater pollution issues which affect the bay. These pollutants affect the ability for people to safely recreate and shellfish in specific bay areas, especially after a rainstorm.

Photo courtesy of Press of AC Ben Fogletto
Finally, COA is working alongside several municipalities in the area to attain Blue Star certification. Blue Star acknowledges and rewards towns that perform specific environmentally beneficial actions that protect the coastal environment.

Keep an eye on the Press of Atlantic City for developing stories on the Great Egg Harbor, as well as a TV interview with COA Policy Attorney Zach Lees airing soon!

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