Friday, May 27, 2016

Safe Summer Swimming Sessions

With Independence Day fast approaching, beach season is fully underway. For residents living near the coasts, and thousands of visitors flocking from surrounding states to enjoy some of the best beaches in the country, clean ocean water and beaches are simply a necessity. In fact, recreational water quality underlies and supports multimillion dollar-a-year economies that stretch from Cape
May to Montauk. Beachgoers should explore how New Jersey and New York test their bathing beach waters, where to find this information and what weather patterns may produce a higher risk for swimming-related illnesses.

In New Jersey, check out, for New York City beaches, visit, and for New York State beaches, go to “A day at the beach should never turn into a sick day!” US Senator Frank Lautenberg

Clean Ocean Action continues to advocate for the most protective criteria and monitoring programs possible, and looks forward to another great summer season.

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