Friday, May 27, 2016

The Beach is NOT an Ashtray!

Summer fun -- feet on the beach and splashing in the waves -- is near. However, a seaside fun time often become a disappointment when, after finding just the right spot on the beach, it's actually littered with cigarette filters. The good news is that NJ Legislators are working on reducing cigarette litter with a bill to ban cigarette smoking on beaches and in public parks.

On Tuesday, May 24 on 6th Avenue at the Belmar Boardwalk, Clean Ocean Action Executive Director, Cindy Zipf joined Senate President Steve Sweeney, Mayor of Belmar Matt Doherty, Executive Director of the American Littoral Society Tim Dillingham, Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager John Weber of the Surfrider Foundation and Lobbyist Lynn Nowak of the American Cancer Society. Senator Sweeney announced he will prioritize the passage of legislation, which was sponsored by NJ Senators Turner and Vitale.

For more information and to stay current on this issue please follow COA’s blog and social media sites.

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