Thursday, June 30, 2016

State of the Navesink Report

On June 8, Clean Ocean Action met with Rutgers School of Engineering for a Navesink River site visit and initial sampling work by boat and land. Rutgers pulled water and sediment samplings for DNA and bacterial analysis. COA pulled additional water samples for an evaluation by Environmental Canine Services, LLC., an environmental consulting company that utilizes scent-trained canines to detect and track human waste in lakes, rivers, stormwater systems, streams and oceans.

Later that day, COA returned to the collection site after a significant rain event and pulled three additional samples that were analyzed by Rutgers. The results will be shared in July.

On June 28, COA held a public meeting at Bingham Hall in Rumson, NJ to discuss the release of COA’s “Pathogen Pollution in the Navesink River Report”, the pathogen pollution issues in the Navesink, source tracking efforts and how concerned citizens can help. The agenda included representatives from the NJDEP, Canine Environmental Services, Rutgers University and the “Rally for the Navesink” groups.

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