Friday, July 1, 2016

Beach to Table: 2016 COAST Campaign Highlights Local Activism

As Clean Ocean Action splashes into another summer, C.O.A.S.T. (Clean Ocean Action Shore Tips) tables and volunteers will make appearances at beach clubs and on beaches along the Jersey Shore. Since 1987, COA has set up COAST tables to educate beach-goers about issues affecting the ocean.

This year’s campaign focuses on water quality issues that are pertinent to local areas and aims to educate table visitors on opportunities to preserve and protect the ocean. For example, in areas surrounding the Navesink River Watershed, COAST tables will spread awareness about the river’s downgraded water quality. Additionally, COAST will promote the Clean Ocean Zone (COZ) legislation, urging table visitors to sign a petition in support of the COZ. Tables will also include surveys meant to gauge the importance of water quality and local environmental issues to voters. Additionally,community members will have the option to kick their plastic habit by signing the “Plastic Pledge” and receive Tip Tuesday emails (weekly emails that highlight innovative ways to reduce plastic use).

This year’s COAST campaign highlights the many ways for individuals to help local waterways and the ocean. Whether through a signature on a petition, a pledge to be more conscious of plastic use, or an engaging conversation with government officials on environmental issues, every action makes a difference in the ongoing campaign to protect and preserve the precious waterways we have the privilege of enjoying.

Please consider volunteering at a COAST table! E-mail or call Cailyn at (732)-872-0111 for more information. Enjoy the beaches this summer and remember that YOU are the solution to ocean pollution!

To sign up for a volunteer slot please use this form

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