Friday, July 1, 2016

Shore Paddle Postponed due to Clinging Jellies

Currently, the invasive clinging jellyfish (Gonionemus vertens) are appearing in abundance in several of NJ’s estuaries and bays. The sting of this jellyfish is severe to people and can cause serious pain and injury. Unfortunately, the most abundant population in NJ has been documented in the Shrewsbury River, where there have been a few recent cases of individuals being stung and harmed by the jellyfish.

To ensure the safety of all paddlers and event-goers, Clean Ocean Action and the Shore Paddle Committee have decided to postpone the Shore Paddle until spring of 2017. The exact date will be determined in the coming weeks.

COA is currently working with scientists and the DEP to monitor these invasive jellyfish. In the meantime, for more information on Clinging Jellyfish, please review the DEP Fact Sheet. In addition, the DEP has approved a month-long study in partnership with Montclair State University, to better understand the nature, jurisdiction and circulation of this invasive species and its impact on our waterways.

The clinging jellyfish is very distinctive. Should you see one in your local waterway, please report it to the DEP at 877-WARN-NJDEP. Take a photo, from a distance.

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