Thursday, September 1, 2016

Thank you, Interns and Office Volunteers!

COA sends a wave of thanks shout out to our fantastic summer crew of interns and volunteers!
Interns Cailyn McGrath, Spencer Munson, and Chelsea Soriano helped with Corporate Beach Sweeps, microplastics research, COAST, Rally for the Navesink, Sandy Paws, and Jersey Shore Thing, as well as general office and administrative work. Chelsea will be continuing her internship into the Fall and will primarily perform microplastics research. We wish all the interns success in college and beyond! (See the June Ocean Advocate for more details on their colleges and experiences.)

Our high school and college volunteers shared their talents in so many ways - from photography skills and database improvements to phone calling and Corporate Sweeps volunteer management! We thank you and wish you good luck in the future: Carlton Kelly, Kyle McManus, Emily Petermann, Marco Rodriquez, and Matt Scott.

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