Wednesday, November 2, 2016

COA’s Summit Inspires Student Marine Scientists

On Oct. 6th, over 300 students, teachers and chaperones from schools throughout South Jersey enjoyed an engaging day of marine science education in beautiful Island Beach State Park at Clean Ocean Action’s 28th Annual Fall Student Summit. Marine Academy of Science and Technology students (MATES) and professional environmental educators led the 5th – 8th graders on educational adventures throughout the park exploring its flora and fauna. COA hopes that all the participants left with a greater appreciation and respect for our ocean and bay environment.

Please read through these quotes from students, teachers, and MATES who attended the summit for a deeper look into the value this opportunity provides the educational community.
“My favorite was learning about the terrapins and how they protect them. They made something to help with bycatch and they have made turtle gardens”. - Student, Chatsworth Elementary School
“I really enjoyed the little touch tanks at the Student 
Summit. I liked this because I got to see different 
invertebrates and learned more about them”.
- Student, Bay Head School

“It was amazing to see my students teaching what they have learned throughout their years at MATES. The Student Summit is such an important event that educates younger students about the coastal ecosystem” - David Werner, MATES Instructor

“I think that the MATES students were very prepared. They were also very kind and respectful”.
- Student, Bay Head School
“The most important thing I learned was about run-off”.- Student, Bay Head School

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