Friday, December 2, 2016

Impact 100 Jersey Coast

Clean Ocean Action was honored to be selected as a finalist for Impact 100 Jersey Coast’s Inaugural Grant. Executive Director Cindy Zipf and D.W. Bennett Fellow Gianna Fischer had the exciting opportunity to present COA’s vision to reduce contamination in waterways to the over 100 inspiring members. Impact 100 Jersey Coast is off to a remarkable inaugural year establishing an intensive, transparent, inclusive, and democratic process for grant-making that empowers individual donors to make a huge impact. Five finalists were chosen from among the 40 initial nonprofit proposals to compete for the $145,000 grant. Congratulations to all finalists and best wishes to 180 Turning Lives Around, Inc. who received the most votes and will start a Family Justice Center in Monmouth County.  Also congratulations and best of luck to Impact 100 Jersey Coast in 2017; we look forward to working with you again in the future!

Seated representatives (l to r): Parker Family Health Center, Clean Ocean Action, The Community YMCA. Standing representatives (l to r): 180 Turning Lives Around, Inc., Monmouth County Arts Council - Photo courtesy of Impact 100 Jersey Coast

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