Thursday, July 6, 2017

Spotlight on Seals, Seismic and MMSC

Photo courtesy of Marine Mammal Stranding Center

In the past year the Marine Mammal Stranding Center (MMSC) has released 19 seals back into the wild after successful rehabilitation efforts. MMSC is a nonprofit organization that is committed to responding to impaired marine mammals and sea turtles from all of NJ waterways. In June, COA’s live Facebook video of a release scored approximately 75,000 views on Facebook – our first video ever to go viral!

Also in June, “Phil” the seal was released by the National Aquarium, a non-profit public aquarium based in Baltimore, MD.  Phil was rescued in DE as he crawled his way through the mud from one pond to another and rehabilitated at the aquarium.

The many shares, likes, and views of these videos prove that people care about protecting these beautiful ocean community members. The seals are just one kind of marine life that will be shocked, stunned, and possibly killed by seismic blasting. In fact, through COA’s social media these images were linked to a Citizens’ Call to Action against seismic blasting. Numerous citizens wrote to NOAA and NMFS and voiced their vehement opposition to seismic blasting in the Atlantic.

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