Thursday, August 31, 2017

Deal Lake Commission “Ship and Sniff” Canine Pollution Search Program

Those incredible poo-lution sniffing dogs are back in action in New Jersey!   Environmental Canine Services, based in Maine, has been called in to help track down human sources of sewage in the five fingers lakes that make up Deal Lake in Monmouth County. 

In collaboration with the Deal Lake Commission and ECS, Clean Ocean Action will coordinate a “Ship and Sniff” study to search for and locate potential sources of human pathogen pollution within the Deal Lake watershed.  Up to 100 samples will be collected and shipped up to Maine where the dogs will determine if there is any human wasted.  The program will launch with samples from 24 sites around the lake, including key spillways and pipes that lead to the lake.

These samples will be made prior to storms and after storms at the same location. The results of the first two rounds of testing will generate a more detailed review of pipes and/or streams leading into the lake.  Dry (low flow) samples will be selected on or about Aug 23.

“We are thrilled to be working with the Deal Lake Commission and the many amazing community leaders throughout the five fingers of the vast Deal Lake Watershed. If there is human pollution in the lake, the dogs will find it. Together we can implement the “no-blame game, find-it/fix-it strategy” and bring about community-wide “watershed mindfulness.”  Cindy Zipf, Executive Director, COA.

It’s exciting to be working again with ECS and the Deal Lake Commission to implement this project. Ultimately, a cleaner Deal Lake is a cleaner ocean!

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