Friday, October 13, 2017

Ship and Sniff Study in Deal Lake Watershed – Phase 1 Sampling Update

Ship and Sniff Study in Deal Lake Watershed –  Phase 1 Sampling Update 

As mentioned in our September newsletter, Clean Ocean Action is collaborating with the Deal Lake Commission (DLC) and Environmental Canine Services (ECS) to coordinate a “Ship and Sniff” study using scent-trained canines.  This study will help to identify potential sources of human pathogen pollution within the “five-finger” Deal Lake watershed.  On August 28, 2017, a team comprising of COA staff, DLC, and their volunteers collected 26 samples under dry weather conditions (no rainfall for preceding 72 hours),  adhering to recommended sampling procedures.  COA shipped these samples to the ECS office in Maine, where they were “sniffed” by canines for the presence of human fecal pathogens.  Each sample was scent tested by two different dogs, and when a mixed response was observed, the samples were scent-tested again by a third dog to confirm the result.

Results from this sampling showed that samples from two locations strongly indicated the presence of human fecal sources.  The results showed that about 50% of the locations tested had some level of human fecal contamination in the water.  Samples with a mixed response indicated the presence of human fecal pollution, most likely at very low levels due to having been tested preceding dry weather in the watershed.  These will be confirmed by repeating the sampling and scent-testing at all locations during wet-weather.  The Tier 2 sampling will be coordinated by COA with the DLC again within the next few weeks during a rain event (min. 1” rain criteria for sampling). 

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