Friday, October 13, 2017

Summer Community Outreach Success Stories

Clean Ocean Action had a remarkable community outreach season along the Jersey Shore.  Waves of thanks go out to all the volunteers who gave so much of their valuable free time to advocate for the ocean and to all the venues and partners that welcomed and supported COA! 

 Here are some quotes from our Action Table Volunteers:

“A gentleman stopped by the table and gladly signed all of the petitions and said to me, ‘I don’t know much about COA, but I do know there is an incredible difference in the water on the NJ shoreline.  Years ago the water was murky, and I wouldn’t even think of swimming in it and now it’s beautiful ever since they stopped that dumping.’ Then he continued to tell me how he moved closer to the shore.”  –Vivian Pisano

“Volunteering at various Clean Ocean Action events this summer reinforced my mindset that even though I am only in high school I can still make a difference. I hope that in some way I have shown anyone who comes up to the table that they too can alter their habits to create change. I have truly enjoyed my time working with the Clean Ocean Action team and will continue to spread their message while I study the environment and sustainability in college!”
--Kailey Flynn

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