Friday, December 8, 2017

Edrington Sponsors ‘Be the Sea Change’

Edrington Sponsors ‘Be the Sea Change’

Many thanks go out to our friends at Edrington for their generous support of the “Be the Sea Change” program which will enter its third season this spring. Local volunteers, COA staff and Edrington storytellers will be visiting elementary schools to share Joel Harper’s inspiring story of how one young child can make a difference in his/her marine environment. From motivating students and their families to joining COA’s Beach Sweeps and banning straws in their school cafeteria, the impact that these presentations have had on communities is powerful. For more information on how this FREE program can come to your local school, contact 

COA crew celebrates Edrington’s $5,000 dona on toward “Be the Sea Change” with Marc Bromfeld, Director of Corporate A airs and Social Responsibility, and Tom Stein, Vice President-South Division who is the inspira on behind this educa on program. Stein, although unable to a end in person, joined everyone in a fun, larger than life way!

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