Friday, March 2, 2018

Friends of the Ocean Gather Under the Sea in Celebration of Clean Ocean Action's 34th Birthday

Friends of the Ocean Gather Under the Sea in
Celebration of Clean Ocean Action's 34th Birthday

On February 25th, friends of the ocean, the tall and the small, gathered at Bahrs Landing in Highlands, NJ, for an Under the Sea Family Brunch celebrating Clean Ocean Action’s 34th Birthday. Parents and grandparents enjoyed delicious fare and the smiling faces of children who dressed as sea creatures and created crafts from upcycled materials, enjoyed face pain ng by MAST student volunteers and played with live sea creatures at the Jenkinson’s Aquarium touch tank.

"Today we brought a lot of local species [Horseshoe Crabs, Sea Urchins, Starfish, and the NJ State Shell - The Knobbed Whelk] which are great for the kids to see up close and alive. We see a lot of animals along the sea shore that are no longer with us. It's wonderful for the children to see how the animals move, relate and survive and to know that the ocean is not just a place to swim and play but that it is also the animals home," said Linelle of Jenkinson's Aquarium.

Children enjoying a special interactive experience with marine life at
COA's Under the Sea Brunch thanks to Jenkinson's Aquarium 

When Willow, a child dressed as a Green Leafy Sea Dragon who plans to attend Clean Ocean Action's Beach Sweeps this Spring was asked why she wants to help support a clean ocean, she responded, "I want to help because if we don't help protect it [the ocean] there may be less and less animals in the ocean."

Willow dressed as a Green Leafy Sea Dragon 

"My granddaughter, Finley, and I attended COA's birthday party today, the Under the Sea Family Brunch at Barhs. Once again they out did themselves! Face painting, crafts for the children, live sea creatures from Jenkinson's Aquarium, a delicious meal, & each child went home w a basket full of goodies! Thank you for creating another wonder memory for Finley & I! Happy 34th Birthday Clean Ocean Action!" said Linda Walker, a long time supporter of Clean Ocean Action.
Marine Debris Upcycled Mosaic Artwork by Stella Ryan 

Children getting their faces painted by MAST student volunteers 

COA's Executive Director Cindy Zipf and Education and Volunteer Coordinator Amanda Wheeler along with Sea turtle puppets from COA's Be the Sea Change program, Louie and Stewie led the crowd in singing Happy Birthday to Clean Ocean Action.

Sea turtle puppets Louie and Stewie in their birthday hats

Children enjoying the craft table at COA's Birthday Party

Upcycled Under the Sea craft table

COA's Under the Sea Family Brunch at Bahrs Landing

"Bahrs Landing exists because of the beautiful Sandy Hook Gateway National Park. People come down to explore on foot, bike or blades. Clean water is essential to our business and it always has been. People come down to fish and enjoy the seafood here at Bahrs. We are here, as partners, to support Clean Ocean Action anyway we can to help protect the ocean," said  Becky Cosgrove of Bahrs Landing.

Each family left with a beach pail filled with eco-friendly goodies

For full album of event photos, visit COA's Facebook.

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