Thursday, December 13, 2018

BOEM Releases Draft Wind Energy Areas for the NY-NJ Bight

After reviewing comments and feedback on the initial call areas, BOEM has released the draft wind energy areas, which are areas where developers may seek a federal lease for development of offshore wind energy facilities. These areas, once finalized will be subject to environmental review and eventually offered for sale to offshore wind developers.

While the draft areas released by BOEM are significantly smaller than the initial call areas, the draft would still see large areas open for wind energy development. The map outlines the draft areas. In dark green are the primary recommendations which, according to the agency, present the least amount of conflict with a potential offshore wind development. The light green are the secondary recommendations which are slightly more conflicted areas, where BOEM will seek additional information.

Draft Wind Energy Areas published by BOEM
Clean Ocean Action will attend the NY-NJ Bight Task Force Meeting and will continue to monitor all offshore wind development to ensure that any development does not jeopardize our coastal and marine ecosystem.

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