Thursday, January 31, 2019

Muchas Gracias, Amanda!

Amanda Wheeler, Education and Volunteer Coordinator, has sailed off to her second retirement. We are so grateful to Mandy for joining our crew in 2016.

 Mandy’s teaching ability is remarkable.  To watch her teach is a joy to behold—children and adults are captivated with her every word.  Mandy’s enthusiasm for teaching, motivating and engaging people is inspiring and contagious. Her many skills and experience made a big splash at COA which will have extensive ripple effects for years to come.  Here are just a few highlights of Mandy’s innovations:
  • Be the Sea Change: an inspiring program for K-3rd grade youth about the dangers of marine debris.  This program led to students stopping the use plastics, and organizing classmates to take action. 
  • Watershed Mindfulness: a concept and an understanding that we are all connected to and responsible for the quality of our local waterways.  Programs include Soak it Up and Know your Water Address.
  • COA Ambassadors: trained adults to conduct presentations, maximizing the opportunity for COA’s programs to be heard. 
  • Jr. Beach Sweep Captains: helps provide teens with an opportunity to learn leadership skills and responsibility as they support the Beach Captains. 
Mandy also improved and enhanced COA’s many existing programs, raising the quality and effectiveness. She held many volunteer trainings, coordinated two NJ Student Summits annually and established a third Student Summit in Staten Island. 

Mandy’s positive effect on COA ran deep.  She was always available, often stepped-up to take on responsibilities beyond her job description, supported all staff, and often worked late and on weekends.  She was a guiding voice sharing her extensive knowledge and experience with everyone.  We wish we could bottle her amazing skills and good-hearted perseverance.

All this in three years! WOW! Waves of thanks and enjoy your well-deserved retirement #2, Mandy!

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