Sunday, February 2, 2020

Deal Lake “Ship and Sniff” Study Results

In 2017, COA entered into a collaborative agreement with Deal Lake Commission to utilize canine “ship and sniff” tests to investigate potential human sewage contamination in the Deal Lake Watershed. Ship and sniff is an innovative canine scent-tracking screening method that is conducted offsite to detect the potential presence of human sewage contamination in water, and is recommended as a screening tool by US EPA. This investigation was conducted under both ambient (dry) and wet weather conditions by trained volunteer citizen scientists from the community, Deal Lake Watershed Alliance, and COA staff and interns. Ambient tests were conducted in 2017. Wet-weather sampling and ship and sniff tests were completed for twenty six locations in July 2019. COA reviewed both sets of results and shared the findings and recommended next steps at the Deal Lake Commission’s meeting on Dec 5, 2019. COA recommended that DLC follows-up by conducting an analytical verification of the results.

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