Tuesday, June 30, 2020

NJ Bill to Require Recycled Content

On June 17, COA’s Policy Attorney Peter Blair, Esq., testified virtually before the NJ Senate Environment and Energy Committee on Senate Bill No. 2515, which would create recycled content requirements for several items sold in the state (i.e., plastic containers, glass containers, paper carryout bags, reusable carryout bags made of plastic film, and plastic trash bags). This legislation will help ensure the development of a market for post-consumer recycled content, and thereby limit the need for newly produced plastic, and help ensure more plastic is routed to recycling centers, and not the ocean.

While COA is encouraged by and supports this legislation, we strongly advocate that it be a part of a legislative package that includes other plastic reduction measures. This legislation is a needed step that will make recycling more meaningful in New Jersey and help increase the public’s level of trust in the process of recycling. To read COA’s testimony, click here

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