Tuesday, June 30, 2020

NJ Moves to be Lead in Offshore Wind Energy Industry

Governor Murphy announced plans for the construction of “The New Jersey Wind Port,” a 200-acre new port facility in Salem County, NJ. The port is expected to solidify New Jersey as a leader in the clean energy economy. COA applauds the choice to create a centralized development port in an already industrial area. By creating one centralized port, New Jersey is ensuring that the growth of the offshore wind (OSW) industry does not come at the expense of our coastal environment by increasing industrialization in important environmental areas.

As NJ’s offshore wind industry grows, COA urges leaders and companies to ensure that all offshore wind development is done in the most environmentally responsible manner possible. Many factors must be considered to ensure that the land-based facilities necessary for the offshore wind industry
are designed to minimize their overall impact on the environment. These include, but are not limited to: placing all onshore facilities in environmentally preferable locations, making sure that all development is created with as small a footprint as possible, and ensuring that ports are energy efficient and resilient to climate impacts such as rising sea levels.

While offshore wind will play a role in New Jersey’s needed transition to a clean energy future, it is not the only answer. Other measures must also be taken to ensure the ocean is not needlessly industrialized based on human energy demands. This includes minimizing energy needs through energy efficiency and conservation. COA will evaluate all individual projects to ensure OSW meets these standards. Consistent with COA's mission, efforts to fight climate change will be a priority.

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